Registered Charity Number: 1146031

Take on the challenge of a lifetime from 10,000ft!

Amelia’s Rainbow are looking for thrill-seeking fundraisers to take on this once in a lifetime challenge and if you raise enough sponsorship, you can jump for free!

Enjoy the exhilarating and unforgettable feeling of a skydive – flying through the clouds from over 10,000ft at up to 120 mph!
The children that we create precious memories for have to be incredibly brave every single day. Their lives are full of hospital appointments and medication.

Ask yourself….could you be brave enough to support them by doing a 10,000 feet parachute jump?

If the answer is YES then all we ask is for you to raise a minimum £395 in sponsorship money in order for you to jump for free and in return we will receive an average donation of £140. In addition to this, every extra pound that you raise over the minimum comes straight to Amelia’s Rainbow.

Points to remember:
• Jump and training completed in one day
• Harnessed to an experienced parachute instructor at all times
• Jump from at least 10,000 feet – just like the professionals
• Freefall down to 5,000 feet – falling through the air at 120 mph!
• Ride the parachute down to the ground – they teach you how to steer onto the drop zone
• Landing controlled by your instructor

If you would like to receive our ‘2019 Jump for Amelia’ Parachute Pack which contains full details of what the jump involves, dates you can complete your challenge, the various locations of British Parachute approved centres where you can jump from and much more please email us;
Or if you are ready to book the biggest adrenaline rush you could ever imagine then click on the link below to experience the challenge of a lifetime!