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Amelia’s Rainbow is happy to be able to provide access to a beach hut fully kitted-out for the benefit of sick children and their families from across Dorset. The beach hut is situated in Southbourne on the beautiful golden sands of the seven mile, award winning Bournemouth beach. Nestled beneath a magnificent cliff line, the bay enjoys its own micro-climate, some of the warmest sea temperatures in the UK, and stunning views of the Isle of Wight and the Purbecks.


Families are welcome to access the beach hut free of charge through the Charity and spend a day, weekend or week using its facilities, and those of the local area. Applications to book the beach hut can be made from any family whose child is suffering with a life-limiting, serious, chronic or terminal illness; as well as families who have lost a child and would like some time to relax by the sea. Applications can be made for Saturday/Sunday; or Monday to Friday, and can include the weekend if it has not already been booked.


At some times (particularly out of season) we may consider allowing supporters of the Charity to use the hut, if it has not been booked, in return for a donation to the Charity. The beach hut is currently rented, as there is a waiting list to buy one, and costs the Charity nearly £3000 a year to keep maintained, clean and ready for families. All the work done on the beach hut is done by volunteers, and we are always looking for new people to help with changeovers and cleaning. In April we were delighted that Ian Govier from Inspire Accountants and his team gave up a day of their busy schedule to decorate the inside of the hut, ready for the first families of the year!


If you would like to book the beach hut or volunteer to assist in its upkeep please contact us.