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In June 2017 the Rally will rev up once more. This time the Rally will see our teams travel to seven countries in seven days, with the aim of planting a tree in Jardins de Amelia in Barcelona.
They will be driving through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Andorra.

The aim of the rally is to raise awareness of the charity and also to raise vital funds to support children in Dorset and the surrounding area who are suffering from Terminal, Life Limiting and Serious Chronic Illnesses.

Amelia's Rally 2


In May 2015 the first Amelia’s Rally took place. It saw five teams and a support bus travel almost 3,000 miles to Amelia in Italy, encompassing France, Switzerland and Italy.

Although there were plenty of breakdowns and wrong turns, the Rally was an overwhelming success, raising just under £8,500 for Amelia’s Rainbow.
With local radio, newspaper and plenty of social media coverage, the Rally captured the imagination of the charity and its followers, smashing the £5,000 target that was originally set.



For more information on how to donate or how to become an official business sponsorship for one of the 7 cars taking part then please call:

Dan Turk – 07528 690 900
Rebecca Meaning – 07805 623 182

We also have a fundraising page set up, any donations would be greatly appreciated,